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Wojnarowski: Trail Blazers Want To Trade for Carmelo Anthony

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Carmelo Anthony trade rumors keep changing by the day it seems, with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Houston Rockets continually trying to work out a deal with the 33-year-old small forward.

A new team has entered the race for Melo's services though, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

The Blazers had been rumored to be involved in a three or four-team deal to help facilitate the Knicks-Rockets trade, but now they're only interested if they're the ones that land Melo.

"One of the teams that New York and Houston had hoped would facilitate a multi-team trade for Anthony -- the Portland Trail Blazers -- only plans to participate in a deal for Anthony if he decides to expand his no-trade clause to include the Trail Blazers, league sources told ESPN."

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Wojnarowski also explained why Portland want Anthony on their team.

"Outside of Golden State, Portland believes the addition of a player such as Anthony would furnish it with talent and depth comparable to those of the top Western Conference contenders, league sources said. Because of that, the Blazers have little, if any, inclination to facilitate an Anthony deal that would land him with a Western Conference rival such as Houston, league sources said."

The Trail Blazers were previously involved in the trade talks with Houston and New York regarding Ryan Anderson, as the Rockets need to shed Anderson's contract if they wish to trade for Anthony.

The Anderson-to-Portland trade talks stalled however, when the Knicks hired Scott Perry to fill New York's vacant GM position. With Perry now settled into his role, and having discussed possible options for Anthony to remain with the team or to be traded, trade talks will again pick up. Whether Portland still wants Ryan Anderson or want to gun for Anthony is yet to be seen.

Should the Trail Blazers somehow grab Carmelo, a Lillard-McCollum-Anthony big 3 will undoubtedly thrust Portland to the top of the West, alongside Golden State, Oklahoma City and San Antonio.