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Top 5 Stars Who Could Join The New Houston Super Team


It's only June 28th, but the NBA has already been shaken up with trades, rumors, and all kinds of hot news. With the trading of D'Angelo Russell, the Lakers cleared way for a potential superstar to come. In New York, the Knicks fired former President of Basketball Operations, Phil Jackson. For them, it triggers the long and uneasy way to a fresh start.

But, by far, the biggest news of the NBA Offseason is Chris Paul, who has just been traded to the Houston Rockets. With a James Harden and Chris Paul backcourt duo, the Rockets have become serious contenders out West. According to reports though, Houston may not be done. They believe they can get one more star before the summer is over, making them the newest Big-Three. With so many stars rumored to be on the go, here's some big names that could find themselves playing for the Rockets next season:

Paul Millsap


Paul Millsap has had a great career in Atlanta. For the Hawks, he's been their best player for at least the last few years. While they've seen some great seasons, the Hawks were never a real threat against the Eastern Conference elite. In Houston, Millsap could find the success he never experienced in Atlanta. Playing alongside two brilliant playmakers, the 6'8" power forward would find easy shots around the rim. This non-selfish All-Star would fit right in, and could be the perfect peace for the newly formed super squad.

Paul George

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

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While you're probably getting tired of hearing his name by now, the Rockets could be a real dark horse to land Paul George. Once he told the Pacers he'd be gone next summer, it was almost a sure-fire fact that he'd be playing in a different city pretty soon. The Lakers and the Cavs have been the biggest contenders for PG's services. But with the CP3 news, Houston could have a real chance. Not only could George provide instant offense for the team, he'd also give them elite level defense as well. The only concerns here would be the ball movement, as both PG and Harden like to play with the ball in their hands. Even with that though, this would be one scary team.

LaMarcus Aldridge


Admittedly, it would be pretty hard for the Rockets to pull this off. Having traded away a lot of assets in the Chris Paul deal, and with the Spurs not being ones to make stupid trades, Houston would have to work a miracle to pull this off. But, LaMarcus Aldridge is reportedly not happy in San Antonio and he wants out. Who says he has to go anywhere far though? He could stay right in Texas, and play with two of the best guards in the league. Not only does LaMarcus have the experience of a true NBA veteran, but his well rounded game and mid range shooting touch would compliment the team pretty well. The only question here, would be if he could hold his own come playoff time, where he has a tendency to disappear.

Carmelo Anthony


Phil Jackson's long awaited firing did not put a stop to the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors. In fact, things are only heating up as the Knicks begin their next chapter. Whether or not Anthony is a part of that may depend on what Houston wants to give up to get him. If it happens though, the Rockets would have a near unstoppable offense. CP, Harden, and Melo would put up buckets like 5:00 rush hour. It's also no secret that the New York star is a good friend of Paul, meaning their chemistry on the court would already be pretty lethal.

Blake Griffin

(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Here's a scenario nobody thought of: What if Chris Paul and Blake Griffin planned this all along? When CP3 announced he was leaving L.A. earlier today, everybody just assumed he'd played his last game with Griffin. But maybe BG is the final part of a three prong plan. It's probably unlikely, to be honest. But it's certainly not impossible. Griffin and Paul already have amazing chemistry on the court, and he would provide an athletic spark to a ball club with mostly talented shooters. If this really becomes reality, imagine how DeAndre Jordan would feel, knowing his two former teammates went to have fun in Houston.