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Top 4 NBA Shooters Who Could Be Traded This Season

JR Smith

We’re just a couple of weeks away from the trade deadline and teams have already made a statement with some of the moves that have taken place so far, with most of the headlines going towards the Pistons and the Clippers in that huge blockbuster trade involving Blake Griffin.

Perhaps that’s going to be the most influential move that will take place throughout the regular season, but the safest bet we can make is that it won’t be the only one that’s going to happen as the deadline approaches.

Some teams have been quite productive but have struggled to be consistently good from distance, especially in the team’s second unit. Hence, they would be quite interested in trading for a sharpshooting specialist.

Today, we’re going to let you know about the top 4 shooters most likely to be traded this season.

4. Rodney Hood

Rodney Hood

Rodney Hood has been terrific for the Utah Jazz whenever he’s been able to suit up and play, but he’s been hurt so constantly that Utah has pretty much learned how to handle things without the sharpshooter.

Besides, Donovan Mitchell’s and Alec Burk’s presence make him quite expendable at this point and considering his high ceiling, he should have some nice value in return with several suitors willing to acquire him.

3. Marco Belinelli

Marco Belinelli Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks are one of the worst teams in professional basketball and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to change anytime soon, so expect them to be one of the most active and aggressive teams prior to the trade deadline as they look to offload bad contracts and veterans.

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Marco Belinelli has made a living out of his shooting stroke from beyond the arc, so expect various contending sides to be interested in landing the Italian shooting guard, although he’s worth a couple of second rounders at best.

2. JR Smith


It’s been quite a terrible year for JR Smith so far this season, being quite sluggish from all over the floor in both ends of the hardwood after being instrumental in both offense and defense for the Cleveland Cavaliers the prior three campaigns.

Dwyane Wade’s presence hasn’t done much to improve such situation and it’s pretty safe to assume JR’s best years are far behind him, so it wouldn’t be crazy to think the Cavs may try and move him now that they’re desperately trying to go back on track.

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1. Wesley Matthews

Not so long ago, Wesley Matthews was one of the deadliest 3 and D players during his Portland Trail Blazers tenure, but following a season-ending injury he’s just been unable to go back to his former self and has lost a lot of lateral quickness as a defender.

Still, they say the shooting is the last part of the game to fade, so he’d still be an attractive asset for a contending team, while the Dallas Mavericks look to rebuild and give young players as many runs as they can handle.