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Top 3 Blockbuster Carmelo Anthony Trade Scenarios, As Told By ESPN's Trade Machine


New York Knicks' forward Carmelo Anthony has been on the trade block for a while now, with new teams entering and leaving the fray every day it seems.

With those numerous trade rumors comes armchair GM's, using ESPN's Trade Machine to come up all possible trade scenarios, and are more often than not completely out of the realm of possibility. Here are three of the best Carmelo Anthony trade scenarios, courtesy of Twitter.

Bill Simmons Gives Us Something Realistic

As you can see, this scenario would involve the Milwaukee Bucks as the third team to sweeten the deal for the Knicks and provide a place for the Rockets to unload Ryan Anderson's 3-year contract worth almost $20 million.

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The Knicks would receive two serviceable players in Teletovic and Hawes, and would be able to waive Quarterman and Long, freeing up some cap space, as well as receiving a first-round pick from Houston.

Houston Trade The Kitchen Sink For Melo

You could probably guess, but there is no way in hell Houston would be giving up reigning 6MOTY Eric Gordon, one of Chris Paul's best friends from New Orleans, Trevor Ariza, as well as defensive presence Clint Capela just to land Melo.

Things Start To Get Complicated

This is where things start to get a little ridiculous, as if they haven't already.

This scenario includes 10 players just to get Anthony in Houston. Utah would lose power forward Derrick Favors to Atlanta, as well as Diaw to the Knicks and Joe Johnson to Houston. In return, they'd grab Anderson's contract, a nice 3 and D player in Ariza, and Taurean Prince. There's no way Utah would be willing to facilitate this deal.

Whatever the scenario may be, multiple teams will need to be involved if the Knicks and Rockets want to make the deal work, with Ryan Anderson's unfavorable contract proving to be a massive roadblock.