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This Proposed Trade Deal For Kawhi Leonard Makes Almost Too Much Sense


With the Spurs on a two-game losing streak, having lost eight of their last ten and dropping to the sixth seed in the West, rumor and speculation have gone haywire regarding the next move for the franchise. It's no secret that their biggest superstar, Kawhi Leonard, is having some sort of issue with the team, refusing to play despite having been medically cleared a while ago.

On track for having their worst season in years, many can't help but think that changes are inevitable.

And while those changes probably look a little different for everyone, one trade deal proposed by ESPN's The Jump has been gaining a lot of attention this week. The idea centers around the Spurs and 76ers, with Kawhi Leonard being the main attraction. In the trade, the Sixers would send Markelle Fultz, Dario Saric, and a 1st-round pick to San Antonio in exchange for Kawhi.

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The proposition does have some flaws, but it does make sense considering the circumstances. With Leonard's future in San Antonio so uncertain, and the roster growing older every season, the dominant, championship-caliber days of the team may be over. In that case, would it not be best to bring in some fresh young legs to get a head start on the rebuild?

Meanwhile, for the Sixers, the team is on the cusp of a huge resurgence lead by Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. While those two still have some developing to do, they're already proving to be something special. Now is the time for everyone in the organization to go all-in... and what better way to start than by acquiring Kawhi?

All of that to say this: this deal makes sense. A lot of sense. But with no guarantee that the Spurs are willing to part with their superstar, or if the Sixers even want to give up anything to get him, this trade is one we'll likely have to stick to fantasizing about.