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The Ultimate Trade That Never Happened: A Flawless Deal For Kyrie Irving

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in no rush to deal their star point guard Kyrie Irving. Since the Cavs picked him #1 overall in the 2011 NBA draft, he’s been a special player. Before LeBron arrived, he was the hope and the future, practically the only star power the team had. And after LeBron arrived, he became more of a sidekick, maybe the best one in the league.

So when Kyrie asked the team to trade him a few weeks ago, it’s no mystery why they haven’t rushed to trade him. Usually trading away you star player is not something teams look to do right away.

But in this case, the Cavs may have missed a golden opportunity by not making a trade before draft night. One team, one player, in particular, would have been a perfect return for an unhappy Irving. The deal would have worked for both sides.

Who’s this mystery team? The Chicago Bulls. As "Sir Charles In Charge" explains, Jimmy Butler for Kyrie Irving would have been a perfect deal for both franchises.

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The Bulls have long searched for a star point guard since the decline of Derrick Rose. They’ve also been searching for shooting and an improved offensive roster. With Kyrie, they get both. He’s the young shooting point guard that they’ve long awaited for.

For Cleveland, what better piece is there to fit alongside LeBron James than Jimmy Butler? For years, the Cavs have had problems on the defensive end. Butler not only gives the Cavaliers the defensive edge they crave, but he also gives them a player who can give LeBron a break on the offensive side as well.

Of course, neither team probably knew then what they know now. Obviously, Chicago was willing to give up Butler. And Kyrie is unhappy with Cleveland. Those facts only serve to point out that this trade should have happened a long time ago.

It’s too late now, as Butler is in Minnesota. But imagine what could have been for either team had they pulled the trigger on a trade deal as perfect as this one.