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The Suns Are Looking For A Promising Young Buck In Exchange For Eric Bledsoe


Eric Bledsoe would fit beautifully on the Milwaukee Bucks. His two-sided game would compliment Giannis' talent extremely well. It'd be like a match made in heaven.

However, according to Bucks reporter Gery Woelfel, they'd likely have to give away Malcolm Brogdon, the reigning rookie of the year, to make it happen.

Averaging 10.2 PPG and 4.2 APG last season, Brogdon became the star of his Rookie class, proving he could play with the pro's. And now, playing alongside a rising Bucks team, his role has never been more important. As good as he is, Giannis cannot take the team very far if he has no-one to help ease the load on both ends of the floor. With Jabari Parker consistently hurt, and Thon Maker still being a huge question mark, the pressure falls to Brogdon. And he was delivered in a big way so far.

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So is he worth keeping if it means the team loses out on Eric Bledsoe? While he is is dramatically older than Brogdon, his game is starting material, and would give the Bucks an instant additional option on the offensive end. The gamble would be huge, but could be worth it if Brogdon fails to continue improving.

Regardless of how close a deal is to getting done, it's pretty well assumed that Bledsoe will be traded. At this point, it's inevitable. But as for what the Suns can manage to get in return, well, that's something Phoenix will have to figure out for themselves.