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The Snubs: Top 5 Players That Could Breakout After A Trade


Part of being successful in the Association comes when you are in the right place at the right time, and more often than not, very talented ballers are left behind simply because their coaches feel that other players may be more helpful, even with their teams struggling in the standings.

Oddly, this mainly happens in bad teams where coaches seem reluctant to make adjustments and shift their lineups, putting young and talented players in a very frustrating position and pretty much desperate to get the hell out of the team as soon as possible.

We've witnessed really gifted athletes get snubbed and finally break out when they have the opportunity to prove their worth, with Victor Oladipo being the biggest example of that trend with his outstanding play for the Indiana Pacers.

Today, we're going to let you know about 5 snubbed players that may breakout if they get traded.

5. Nerlens Noel

When the Dallas Mavericks first traded for Nerlens Noel, it seemed like they had finally found their big man for the future, and that young core featuring Harrison Barnes, Dennis Smith Jr and Noel looked quite promising for the long run.

Nonetheless, his constant injuries and the lack of confidence Carlisle have shown in him made him a very low risk-high reward kind of guy, and his defensive skill set and rim protection abilities could grant him success if he manages to stay healthy.

4. Kenneth Faried

Not so long ago, Kenneth Faried was one of the most hyped young players in the league with his ability to take off and dominate the glass, but the Manimal hasn't been able to replicate his success from his College years at an NBA level.

With his lack of range and his minutes in the low teens, it's been clear that his time with the Nuggets is coming to an end, and even though he may never become the dominant rebounder we hoped and he's kind of a tweener, he's still way too good to be piling up DNPs and would be far better off elsewhere.

3. Mario Hezonja

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The Croatian guard / forward came to the league with a lot of praise but has never had the consistent playing time to prove why everybody wanted a piece of him when he was playing overseas for FC Barcelona, and the Magic declined their option on the last year of his deal.

Mario Hezonja is a walking bucket and a terrific and versatile scorer, and even though he may never become a good NBA defender, his talent will grant him success if he manages to get the hell away of one of the most mediocre franchises in the world.

2. Julius Randle

Julius Randle was also extremely overhyped coming out of Kentucky University, and even though he's looking more like a Zach Randolph player rather than the second coming of Blake Griffin, his ceiling is way too high to be always snubbed from the Lakers.

The Lakers frontcourt is quite crowded right now and Randle is the odd man out most likely heading towards the exit door, but his ability to rebound, handles and playmaking ability will make him a very solid power forward going on if he has the chance to play consistently.

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1. Willy Hernangomez

Willy Hernangomez was extremely solid the prior campaign after the All-Star break, and it seemed like he was going to be the starting center for a struggling and rebuilding New York Knicks squad, but Enes Kanter's presence has pretty much left him out of the rotation.

Hernangomez was a walking double-double, a terrific scorer and rebounder and even an above the average passer, and even though his defense has a lot of catching up to do, his quite young and talented and is definitely worth the playing time.