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The Real Reason Why The Los Angeles Clippers Traded Blake Griffin


There comes a point in every franchise's life when they reach the dead zone.

The dreaded "dead zone" is that time when a middle-of-the-pack team decides to blow it all up for the sake of a rebuild. For the L.A. Clippers, their dead zone has arrived like a 10-ton boulder being dropped into a lake.

Trading away Blake Griffin for some average role-players, a young assets, and a draft pick may seem like a head-scratcher but it kind of makes sense if you;re a team looking to start over. Still, though, even after fitting together the pieces of this puzzle, something just appears to be missing.

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Wanting to rebuild and tank is a decent reason enough, but Blake Griffin was still young... and he was signed long-term. Why get rid of him so early when there's still time to build around him?

According to Marc Stein, the reason involves a very shocking name: LeBron James.

See, King James has an opportunity to join the free-agent market this summer, meaning he can essentially go to any team in the world. In a report by Stein, the Clippers believe that team could be them.

What better way to attract the best player in the world than with Los Angeles, Doc Rivers, and a ridiculous amount of cap space to build the team however he wants? Making a pitch like that would sound enticing to anyone, but especially to a guy who already loves L.A. to begin with. He'd basically be creating his own roster while getting the chance to live next to the Hollywood sign.

Of course, this could be just another case of being overly optimistic... but what if it's not? What if the Clips are on to something? What then?