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The Real Reason Paul George Isn't A Laker


As has been the case of many people around the world, Paul George had one big dream: to put on the purple and gold and play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Yeah, the team may be in rebuilding mode. Yeah, the front office may still be on training wheels. And yeah, they not the most stable franchise in sports right now. But the Lakers are the Lakers, and PG13 wants to be a part of that.

When he announced he was leaving Indiana in 2018, the Lakers was the team he had in mind. Not only did the Pacers' front office know it, but almost the tire world did. Paul George wanted to be a Laker, there was no hiding it anymore.

It took a little longer than expected, but the Pacers finally got it done. And much to everyone's surprise, they hardly got anything in return. Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis was all they could muster up. Yep, that's it. But, was that really all the Pacers could get?

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When you look at a team like the Lakers, their offer couldn't have been much worse than that. According to Ramona Shelburne on ESPN, however, there's another reason why Indiana didn't trade George to Los Angeles. Quite simply, the Pacers didn't want to give PG what he wanted. Unless they were the clear winners of the trade and the Lakers made an offer they couldn't refuse, George was never going to get traded there.

Despite the fact that Indiana was probably going to get more in a trade with the Lakers than with OKC, it seems they were hell bent on not giving their star the satisfaction of playing where he wanted to go.

Quite a low blow, especially for a franchise who once loved their ex-star.

As time goes on, however, the Pacers will heal. They'll find hope in another star, and hopefully keep him around long enough to make a difference. And for George? He'll probably make it to the Lakers anyway.

Either way, there's a lot more to this Paul George saga then we thought.