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The Phoenix Suns May Be Borderline Crazy After Saying No To This Trade Offer For Eric Bledsoe


It's no surprise that point guard Eric Bledsoe wants out of the Arizona desert.

After an extremely poor start to the season from Phoenix -- including a franchise-record opening night blowout to the Portland Trail Blazers --Bledsoe made it known on Twitter of all places that he didn't want to be on the Suns' roster any longer.

The Suns' front office has taken his request extremely serious, going as far as telling him to stay at home until they find a suitable team to trade him to, ouch. Phoenix is in no rush to either bring Bledsoe back to games or to offload him, as they're perfectly content with developing the young squad they currently possess and have no interest in win totals this season given their rebuilding status.

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With that being said, the Suns eventually need to move Bledsoe, at least before the trade window closes in February, and the longer they hold out, the less prospective teams may offer up for the 27-year-old point guard. Unfortunately for Phoenix however, they may have already waited too late, reportedly declining a potential deal with the Detroit Pistons already.

Even though Reggie Jackson isn't the type of player he was in OKC since moving to Detroit, he is still quite a serviceable point guard in the NBA, capable of averaging 20 points night in and night out. Add on that first-round pick from a Detroit team who is expected to be hanging around the 5-8th seeds in the East this year, and the offer for Bledsoe is quite a tantalizing one. So why did the Suns say no?

It's been reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN that the Suns were keen on adding a third team to the deal to take on Jackson and his contract, seemingly not interested in the 8-year NBA vet.

As time goes on, offers are going to become less and less tasty to the Suns' front office, and they may have made a major mistake passing up on a first-round pick and a player of Reggie Jackson's caliber in hopes of landing a bigger name for Bledsoe.