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Surprising Western Conference Team Showing Serious Interest In DeAndre Jordan


Nobody is quite sure what's next for the Los Angeles Clippers. They have a roster decent enough to make the playoffs, but not nearly talented enough to come close to competing for a Championship.

With Chris Paul and J.J. Reddick gone, the Clips lost the star power that made them a force for so many years.

Still, they find themselves with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, who arguably make up the best front-court in the NBA. But as the Clips continue to submerge themselves in mediocrity, by raising their levels of inconsistency on a nightly basis, the likelihood of them moving the leftover pieces of their core also seems to rise.

And it all starts with DeAndre Jordan. So far, the Rockets and Cavaliers have bene linked in possible trades for him, as both teams have the assets and means to do so.

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But in regards to some Dark-Horse candidates, there's another team that could be on the radar: the Portland Trailblazers.

According to Marc Stein, they've been among the teams interested in pursuing DeAndre Jordan's services.

Granted, a trio of Lillard, McCollum and Jordan would be one hell of a pairing. But it likely wouldn't be enough to overcome the likes of Cleveland or Houston.

And with him being a potential free-agent this summer, would a deal for him even be worth it?

For the Trailblazers, they'll have to figure that out fast if they wish to elevate their franchise to new levels.