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Source: Kemba Walker "Legitimately Hurt" After Recent Reports


True, Kemba Walker is not a hands-down NBA All-Star. He will almost surely never go down as a Hall-of-Famer.

But if there's one thing Walker is exceptionally known for, it's his loyalty.

Despite the Hornets constant swim in stink, Walker has never shown a hint of disloyalty. Through thick or thin, he's remained a part of Charlotte for the last several years. So when reports surfaced yesterday that the guy was on the trading block, it is no surprise he didn't take it too well.

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Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports describes Walker's state as "legitimately hurt."

The shock of being on the block, coupled with the disloyalty of the franchise seems to have hit him hard. Is the relationship reparable, or will the Hornets have no choice but to pull the trigger on a trade?