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Source: Cavs "Sniffing Around" Possible Trade For Superstar Big Man


The Cleveland Cavaliers are apparently, according to multiple sources, eyeballing a potential blockbuster trade deal.

The player on their radar? None other than Clippers' Center, DeAndre Jordan. NBA insider Sam Amico has reported that while Cavs haven't necessarily been "aggressive" in their pursuit of Jordan, they are monitoring the situation in hopes of striking a deal.

With the Clippers reeling and subsequently going cold after their scorching hot start, the team is undoubtedly keeping all options open -- including a full rebuild. Their willingness to deal DeAndre is probably higher than it has ever been, although the price will likely be high.

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Still, it's hard to imagine a deal for D.J. not being worth it for Cleveland, who've been lacking a star Center since way before the return of LeBron James. The catch? Jordan can become a Free-Agent this summer, meaning any team that trades for him will take the risk of him leaving after less than half a season.

With the spring fastly approaching, Cleveland has to make a decision on what to do next. Do they risk trading for Jordan, in an attempt to one-up the Warriors? Or do they go with what they have, with the risk that it may not even be enough to entice LeBron to stay? With so many questions remaining to be answered, all Cleveland can do is wait and play things out. After all, if there's one thing we learned from LeBron James and his Cavaliers, it's to never count them out -- even when the odds are stacked heavily against their favor.