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Royce Young Reveals Who The Clippers Really Wanted In The Blake Griffin Trade


A lot of buzz has been flowing since the Los Angeles Clippers traded Blake Griffin to the Pistons in a huge, blockbuster deal. The trade will no doubt shake things up quite a bit, for both teams, and both conferences.

But what the Clippers got in return for their biggest star (Avery Bradley, Tobias Harris, and a first-rounder), wasn't what they originally wanted.

In a report by ESPN's Royce Young, the Clippers apparently reached out to the Oklahoma City Thunder, hoping to get Paul George. Sadly for the Clippers, the Thunder said no, and L.A. had to settle for the deal with Detroit. A pairing of Russ, Blake, and Melo, would've, no doubt, been something absolutely special. A perfect mix of athleticism and shooting, from both inside and out.

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For the Clips, it would have given them a young star instead of young role-players and a draft pick. And while there's no guarantee PG was going to stay, Los Angeles has reportedly been his ideal city for quite some time.

There's no telling how exactly this trade will pan out in the end. The chemistry of Blake and Drummond's game is still a huge question, and the Clippers' willingness to completely rebuild almost makes their perspective of the trade make sense. But no matter how things go, there will always be that tiny lingering question: what if the Thunder said yes?

We'll never know the answer, but who says we all can't take a swing answering it?