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Report: Warriors Close To Signing Deal With Sixth Man Andre Iguodala

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2017 NBA offseason approaching quite quickly, teams are already getting their affairs in order regarding free agent targets and draft decisions.

One such team that will want to make sure all their I's are dotted and T's are crossed are the Golden State Warriors, who have 9 of the 15 men on their roster entering free agency in 2017, something that has to be worrying the Golden State front office.

But already, not even a week removed from their championship win over the Cleveland Cavaliers for their second title in a three-year span, the Warriors are already reportedly closing in on a deal with sixth man Andre Iguodala.

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Iguodala, the Finals MVP for the Warriors' title in 2015, will no doubt be courted by other teams wanting to acquire his services off the bench, as he has proven invaluable for the Warriors since signing with them in 2013, but according to Tim Kawakami of The Mercury News, Andre isn't going anywhere.

"Iguodala has already indicated that his negotiation is almost already done and that he will re-sign with the Warriors, though I’m sure there are still deal points to be finalized," Kawakami wrote in his report. "Months ago a source indicated to me that the only real issue to be worked out was the number of guaranteed years."

His base salary is expected to be between $8-$12 million per year, around the same price he was asking for in the 2013 free agency period.

This is great news for the Bay Area fans, as Iggy is an integral part of the Warriors core team, but this report shouldn't be taken as Iguodala 100% re-signing with Golden State. GSW can not officially sign him until July 6, the first day of free agency, and things in the NBA can change in a heartbeat, just look at DeAndre Jordan and the Dallas fiasco. Kevin Durant will need to take a pay cut for the Warriors to have enough cap room to re-sign Iggy, and if he decides he wants more money, Golden State can kiss goodbye to Iggy.

But if the Warriors can keep ahold of Andre, as well as their other key free agents, we may be looking at a dynasty.