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Report: Two Big Stars Could Unite Forces In Boston


We all know of the Celtics' continuous and, seemingly, everlasting search for superstar. While Isaiah Thomas could be considered amongst the top point guards in the league, Boston still feels as if something's missing.

That missing link could soon be found, and his name is Paul George. After telling the Pacers that he was likely to leave in the Summer of 2018, Indiana was left scrambling to find a good deal before it was too late. Now, with just three day left until the Free Agency period, it's looking like the Celtics are inching closer to a potential trade.

But according to Adrian Wojnarwoski on "The Vertical," Boston isn't stoping there. Not only are they trying to trade for Paul George, but Adrian reports that the Celtics could also be targeting Gordon Hayward in Free Agency. And yes, they are looking to sign them both.

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With the addition of Hayward and George, the Celtics could finally join the "super-teams mad to beat LeBron James" club. While the cap would undoubtedly be an issue for Boston, they could be willing to let go of some deals (Kelly Olynyk?) to make it work.

For the Celtics, they must face a hard and bitter reality if they are going to pursue both of these stars. For one, Paul George could wind up being a one year rental, as he's made it clear that he wants to play in Los Angeles. And for Gordon Hayward? Well, there's no guarantee he'll even want to leave Utah.

But even with the two of them, it still may not be enough to overcome the Cavaliers. Should the Celtics take this chance, and put this potentially deadly duo together?