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Report: The Lakers Are In Trade Talks For The Number 2 Overall Pick


So much speculation has been made about Lonzo Ball and the Lakers. When L.A. acquired the number 2 overall pick, many NBA enthusiasts assumed that Lonzo Ball would be the one they'd pick. A "true" point guard and a good shooter, Ball mad it known that he wanted to get drafted by the purple and gold.

According to Bleacher Report, however, they might not even have the number two pick on draft day.

Reports indicate that in recent weeks, the Lakers have been trade talks for their lottery pick. While this is no doubt bad news for Lonzo, what does it mean for the Lakers?

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Could they trade the pick and get a Jimmy Butler or Paul George back? Could they make a package for Boston, to attempt a run at Markelle Fultz? The number 2 pick, Jordan Clarkson, and Luol Deng for Jimmy Butler could certainly stack up to a fair deal. Or maybe a trade with Sacramento for Buddy Hield and the 5th pick sounds enticing. It seems unlikely, but if they can pull off a blockbuster trade, it can help accelerate their rebuilding process.

With Fultz being the projected number 1, the Lakers would potentially lose out on not only Lonzo Ball, but guys like Josh Jackson and De'Aaron Fox. Is losing out on these young studs worth any potential trade offers, or should the Lakers continue to develop their youth? D'Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram, and Julius Randle seem to be in theLakerss future. But with the right moves, another piece could make them even better.

That's a decision that L.A. must make correctly, or it can have dire consequences in the future. To trade or not to trade, that's the choice that the Lakers must live with forever.