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Report: The Greek Freak Named Untouchable In Potential Blockbuster Trade


Add Milwaukee to the list of teams interested in trading for Kyrie Irving. Considering Cleveland has yet to find a suitable trade partner, the search has obviously not gone as well as they'd hoped.

Even with that being true, Milwaukee has a serious disadvantage in the Irving race: a lack of tradeable young pieces.

According to ESPN, young superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo is not an option:

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"Milwaukee have shown interest in Irving, too, league sources said, but there isn’t that one young star — of course, Giannis Antetokounmpo is untouchable — who makes sense for Cleveland.

When Irving’s trade request became public in mid-July, there was internal hope that the news would stir the market to furnish Cleveland with a return that could deliver impact to the 2017-18 season with James, as well as the possibility of a future without him. That hasn’t happened, and it’s become clear that Irving isn’t commanding that kind of robust return on the market.

Between now and the inevitable Irving trade, Cleveland officials will make a choice on what the franchise values most — it's today or its tomorrow. Without a commitment to stay, without the presumption of a future together, LeBron James could be left in a most unfamiliar position: out of championship contention in Cleveland, counting the days until goodbye."

With Giannis officially off the market, a Milwaukee/Cleveland deal seems unlikely. And for the Cavs, it's starting to look like they may never get favorable value back for their star point guard.

Sadly, we'll never get to see a Giannis/Irving swap. The Greek Freak and LeBron James would make an insane pairing, while Kyrie would absolutely tear up the East in Milwaukee. It would be an instant fix for Cleveland and a restart for the Bucks.

As the summer pushes on and the upcoming season draws closer, the clock is ticking for the Cavaliers to fix this nasty situation. Whatever moves they decide to make now will determine what happens for the future.