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Report: The Celtics May Have One More Move Up Their Sleeve


Some are calling the summer of 2018 the "greatest offseason of all-time." That title may seem like an overexageration, but it's actually pretty appropriate.

Kyrie Irving was traded to Boston, the Ball family made their debut, Chris Paul was dealt to Houston, Paul George joined Westbrook in OKC, the Lakers traded D'Angelo Russell for Brook Lopez, Dwight Howard began a new start in Charlotte, Derrick Rose joined LeBron in Cleveland, Gordon Hayward moved to Boston, Jimmy Butler became a Timberwolf and, finally, Carmelo Anthony was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

So when people say they've never seen anything like this before, you'd be hard-pressed not to believe them.But even with all that's gone on this summer, there may be one more trade on the way.

But even with all that's gone on this summer, there may be one more trade on the way.

The Philadelphia 76ers have been looking to trade Jahlil Okafor for a while now. He just doesn't seem to fit on the squad, and the rise of Joel Embiid has hindered his ability to develop. Remember, the Sixers have tried putting Okafor on the market before, but they could never quite find the deal they were looking for.

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Despite Jahlil's low value, the Sixers never really took him off the market. Things quieted down, and most assumed he'd play at least most of next season in Philly.

Now, with things shaken up in the East, the rumors of an actual Okafor trade getting done have begun to heat up.

And according to The Boston Globe, the Celtics are at the center of it all.

Boston has long needed a true big man, one with post-up skills and strong finishes in the paint. Al Horford, while being very good in his role, does not fit that need. Jahlil Okafor would, though. He's got great size and is extremely crafty with the ball.

Admittedly, his seasons in Philly haven't been too impressive. But he has shown occasional flashes of something special and could thrive if given the opportunity.

The only question for the Celtics now is how much they'd be willing to give up for him. The Sixers would likely want a draft pick or young player, both of which the Celtics would rather keep.

With Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, and Al Horford do the Celtics have what they need to contend for the Eastern crown? Or are they one more piece away from making a serious run? As time ticks away, that's something the Celtics will have to figure out soon if they intend to challenge the Warriors.