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Report: The Celtics Could Make A Big Offer In Trade Talks For Kyrie Irving


It's very rare when two teams in the playoff picture within the same conference trade with one another especially when a month prior they met in the conference finals. Zach Lowe of ESPN broke the news of Boston inquiring about Kyrie and a trade with Boston could symbolize the beginning of the end to a dominant era in Cleveland.

According to the Bleacher Report:

Lowe mentioned that Boston could be a strong trade partner for Cleveland since it has the ability to offer several intriguing assets, including a potential package of guard Isaiah Thomas, forward Jae Crowder and any number of possible high, first-round draft picks.

With the abundance of assets the Boston Celtics have collected, they can offer a really good deal for Kyrie Irving.

Two trade packages could be very interesting for the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James.

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The first package could be Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder and a 1st round pick (from the Brooklyn Nets).

The second potential trade package could be a 1st rounder (from the Brooklyn Nets) and a couple of young players like Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown or Terry Rozier.

Isaiah Thomas is a free agent next season and he will want to sign a max deal, which could be a huge problem for Danny Ainge. Kyrie Irving is under contract until 2019/20 (Player Option), so he could play two seasons with Gordon Hayward and Al Horford. Plus, Jayson Tatum will be there as well. Those four players could beat LeBron James. Maybe this is the best moment for Danny Ainge to send a big offer for a young superstar like Kyrie Irving.

Boston has not been a bad team, but they have not had that Super Star marquee player in a very long time. They have been collecting assets and creating space in their cap to bring in a player worth a max type deal and Kyrie is definitely that player. He not only brings change for the better to any organization but is among the leagues' elites. Adding Kyrie, the man that dropped the dagger against the 73-9 Warriors of 2016, averaged 29.4 PPG in this 2017 Finals, and is just hitting his prime at only 25 years of age would be a huge upgrade at the Point Guard position for Boston, which would help future free agents look at the Celtics as a prime destination to play.

It would be very interesting to see the Cavaliers and Celtics face each other in the Conference Finals again, only this time around the Celtics will have the edge with the addition of Kyrie. They have already improved drastically this offseason with the addition of Hayward who, with the Jazz during the Playoffs, was averaging 24.6 PPG.

The Cavaliers' window in the East is rapidly closing, so a trade with Boston will be very interesting and Danny Ainge will undoubtedly begin the process of essentially dethroning the Cavs as the top dog in the Eastern Conference.