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Report: The Cavs Have Discussed A Trade That Could Change Everything


For the last three years, the East has been dominated by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The big three of Kyrie, Kevin Love, and LeBron proved to be a very successful pairing. Not only did they make three consecutive Finals appearances, but they brought a Championship to the city of Cleveland for the first time in over 50 years.

But as they say, nothing lasts forever. With Kyrie Irving's trade being officially completed last week, things in Cleveland have gone downhill.

While they can still compete at a high level, will they dominate the East like they did before? Without what was was, arguably, their best scorer, does the team really have a shot to beat the Warriors? To much of Cavs' fans demise, probably not.

Even with that reality being true, Cleveland still has something no other organization has: LeBron James. With him, the Cavs will always be relevant. As long as he remains a Cavalier, there will always be hope.


Unfortunately, even that may change soon. Next summer, James can choose to be a Free Agent, which will give him an open window to leave the Cavs again. Obviously, for a player of his caliber, he's going to have a long list of teams pursuing his talents. It won't be hard for him to get up and leave.

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While LeBron has shown no public interest in leaving Cleveland, it wouldn't hurt them to increase the chances of him staying. To do that, however, they'll need to get another star. Not an older vet, or a young prospect. To keep him, they'll have to search for a superstar

Well, the Cavs have already started that search, and one name on the list could include the best Center in the league.

According to Vern Thompson of, the Cavaliers have already discussed a deal for DeMarcus Cousins that would include Iman Shumpert and a future first round draft pick.

Granted, this guy is no world renowned reporter. But with the Cavs current situation and all the rumors that have swept around the league in recent months, a report like this doesn't classify as unbelievable.

If the Pelicans' season doesn't work out, they might consider trading their stars in favor of a full rebuild. And with the Cavs desperate to get LeBron to stay, they could be the first ones at the bargaining table.

This trade would likely require more from Cleveland's end, as Shumpert and a draft pick just don't seem like a fair return on such a valuable big man. But in a situation like this, where two teams have reportedly only "discussed" a trade deal, there's still a lot we don't know.

But if this does somehow turn into reality someday this upcoming season, it might just be enough to keep The King wearing Wine and Gold for good. A big three of Love/LeBron/Cousins? That would change the Cavaliers' world for the long haul. With as much misery as they've felt this summer, it'd put them right back on the map. They'd be dominating the East all over again.

So yeah, the Kyrie Irving, "Big Three," era may be over. But a new one could be right around the corner waiting for them in The Big Easy.