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Report: The Cavs Are Interested In Trading For Another Clipper Not Named DeAndre Jordan

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As it stands right at this moment, the Cleveland Cavaliers may not have what it take to stop the Golden State Warriors if the two teams inevitably meet in the NBA Finals for a fourth consecutive year.

If things remain the same in Cleveland, especially with the injuries that have been piling up since the season has started, the Cavs will stand no chance come June. Which is exactly why the franchise has been linked with so many trade targets as the trade deadline fast approaches.

Cleveland has been rumored to be looking at a vast array of players this trade window, many of them All-Star talents, including the likes of DeAndre Jordan from the Clippers to bolster their big man rotation. But according to reports, Jordan isn't the only Clipper the Cavs are looking to acquire before February 8th.

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Cleveland is rumored to be interested in Sixth Man of the Year candidate Lou Williams -- who has been on a tear as of late -- on top of DeAndre.

It's no wonder the Cavs suddenly have interest in Williams as a potential trade target, as Lou has been killing it for Los Angeles with the recent injuries to franchise centerpiece Blake Griffin.

Since going down with injury, Griffin's role as the leading scorer of the Clippers has been taken over by Williams, who is consistently dropping almost 30 points a night, including a 50-point performance over the Warriors recently. Williams has received so much hype in fact, that many are saying he could sneak in as an All-Star reserve this year.

Given how much Williams' stock has risen over the past few games, the asking price for either Lou or DeAndre, or both of them for that matter, may be high, and there's no doubt the Clippers will be asking for Brooklyn's first-round draft pick next year, but if it means they have a chance to beat Golden State, Cleveland will be more than happy to hand off multiple assets.+