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Report: Phoenix Suns Asking For Insane Assets From Cavs For Eric Bledsoe


Let the Eric Bledsoe sweepstakes begin.

It's no secret that Eric Bledsoe is up on the trade block after his cryptic tweet which seemed to reference his current teams the Phoenix Suns, with Suns' GM Ryan McDonough openly stating that Bledsoe would not be with the team going into the future.

Of course, every NBA team probably knew about this before it became public knowledge, and a few teams have already phoned in offers for Bledsoe just to get a sense of what Phoenix want in return for the 27-year-old point guard. The Cleveland Cavaliers were one of those teams, and newsflash, the Suns want the kitchen sink and more.

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The Cavs reportedly offered shooting guard Iman Shumpert and a first-rounder, but that wasn't enough, as Phoenix hit back asking for the coveted Brooklyn first-round pick that the Cavs acquired from Boston in the Kyrie Irving deal.

Cleveland is expected to hold firm with their offer of Shumpert and a late first-round pick unless things get desperate, as the Suns seem to be overvaluing Bledsoe's price by a hefty margin.

With Brooklyn expected to be near the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings again this season, their pick is bound to land among the top 3 picks in next year's draft, meaning that pick is worth a lot. The Cavaliers, no matter how much they deny it, have to be a little scared that LeBron could leave next offseason for greener pastures, in which case that Brooklyn pick could come in very handy.

Shipping it off for a 27-year-old PG who's never made an All-Star game before, no matter how much LeBron vouches for him could end very badly if James jets off for L.A next year.