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Report: Phoenix Suns Almost Traded For Kyrie Irving On Draft Night In Blockbuster Deal


All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving has been linked to practically half the league's teams after requesting a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers last week, but the Phoenix Suns have emerged as front-runners recently, with Eric Bledsoe reportedly on the table for the Suns in a potential deal.

A deal between the Cavs and Suns could've been done a lot earlier though, according to several sources.

It appears that Cleveland and Phoenix were already engaged in trade talks revolving around Kyrie and Bledsoe as far back as draft night, which was held on June 22. The full scope of the rumored trade also included the fourth pick, which the Suns used to select Josh Jackson out of Kansas. If this trade did go down, the Suns would have received Kyrie Irving of course, and would have sent away Bledsoe and the fourth pick, which the Cavs would have sent to Indiana in return for All-Star Paul George, who is now residing in Oklahoma City.

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As you can see, the only hindrance to this trade was the fact that LeBron James didn't give his word to Cavaliers' owner Dan Gilbert that he would remain in Cleveland past next season.

So not only did the Cavs miss out on Eric Bledsoe and Paul George, they're also at risk of losing King James come next offseason. Yikes.