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Report: Paul George Reached Out To Klay Thompson To Form Super Team In LA

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Super teams are the flavor of the month in the NBA as of late, and ever since the Warriors dominated the postseason on their way to an NBA championship after adding Kevin Durant, teams a clamoring to acquire All-Star talent through free agency and trades to compete with Golden State.

The Boston Celtics are chasing both Gordon Hayward and Paul George, the Cavs have made a run for PG, and Houston has recently pulled off the most surprising move of the offseason so far, trading for Chris Paul to pair with James Harden.

Amongst all of this, news has emerged regarding the hottest target on the market right now, Paul George, speaking to Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson about forming their own super team.

Don't get too excited yet Laker fans, because you'll be waiting a while for this plan to come together.

For starters, George still has one more year left on his contract with the Pacers, and even though he has told the Indiana front office he plans to leave them for the Lakers when his contract is up, there's still a chance a team like the Cavaliers trade for him this season and manage to convince him to re-sign long term.

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Assuming that PG does land in LA this offseason or next, trying to land Klay Thompson will be no easy feat either.

Thompson becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2019, so there are still two seasons to be played between then and now. If Los Angeles does want to sign Thompson to pair with the likes of George, Lonzo Ball, and Brandon Ingram, they'll be banking on the fact Warriors GM Bob Myers won't have the cap space to retain Golden State's core of Curry, Durant, Green and of course Thompson.

Myers may be forced to choose between Draymond Green, who is a free agent in 2020, and Klay, as a majority of their cap space will be tied up in the contracts of Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston.

Apart from a paycheck, Thompson may also base his decision on his role within the team. Klay has previously stated he does not care about how many shots he gets a game as long as the Warriors are winning, but we all know how quickly a player's values can change during free agency.

Maybe Klay wants to be the first or second option on offense for the Lakers alongside George, with Lonzo Ball setting the table for him. We've all seen what he's capable of, you only need to look back to last season, when Klay dropped 60 points on George's Pacers in only 29 minutes of court time.

Maybe those sort of performances will entice Klay to form a super team with Paul George to contend for titles on his own terms, something that Laker fans desperately miss.