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Report: One Young Milwaukee Star Was “Very, Very” Close To Being Traded At The Deadline


For the Bucks, everything begins (and ends) with the Greek Freak. Without a doubt, Giannis Antetokounmpo is the future of that franchise. But for even the best of stars, they need a viable and capable co-star to help lead them through the herd. And although some others have began to step up, Jabari Parker has seemingly tried to take on that role for the Bucks.

Unfortunately for him, he also seems to have failed.

In a new report by basketball insider Gery Woelfel, the Bucks were apparently extremely close to giving up on Jabari completely in a trade deadline deal the never materialized.

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Take it for what it is. But, @GeryWoelfel is close to Jabari and the Parker family. This morning, he reports Jabari was "very, very close to being traded" at deadline, feels there is "slim to none" chances that Jabari is on Bucks next season.

It’s no secret that things have been weird with Parker and the Bucks lately. With reported friction between him and Kidd, coupled with his struggle to stay healthy spells bad news for both sides at the moment.

Still, it’s hard to believe that this situation is completely beyond repairing. If it’s not, the Bucks should probably best be working on a solution.

And if it is? Then Milwaukee should be prepared to take another significant step back.