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Report: One Western Conference Team Almost Got Eric Bledsoe For One Young Point Guard


When Eric Bledsoe sent out the damning tweet, his days in Phoenix were numbered.

No longer did he want to play meaningless for a team that was focused on developing its youngsters anyway. Rather, Bledsoe wanted to play in a place that could compete, a place where Bledsoe could make a real impact.

On the Bucks, he's done that. Through his first few games, he's scored well while helping to facilitate the offense around Giannis.

But according to one report, Bledsoe almost had to settle for the mile-high city.

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Via ESPN's Zach Lowe:

“... the Nuggets were in the red zone — if not at the goal line — in talks with Phoenix for Eric Bledsoe, according to several league sources,” wrote Lowe. “The deal would almost certainly have included Mudiay and a first-round pick. Talks collapsed, and the Nuggets washed their hands of it. They would chase a playoff spot in one of the toughest conferences in history behind a 20- and 21-year-old sharing the controls with Jokic.”

Why talks between the two teams "collapsed" is a bit mystery. It sounds like a fair deal for both sides.

Mudiay was likely part of the problem, as his development has looked to be slowing down dramatically since his rookie season. But had this trade gone down, things would no doubt be very different for both sides.

Did the Nuggets miss out on an opporotunity, or is Eric Bledsoe just not worth it?