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Report: Mega Three-Team Trade Could Help One Famous Team Land Kyrie


It's everywhere now. Hours ago, news broke that Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving asked for a trade in a meeting with the Cavs last week. As part of his list of desired teams, Irving listed the T-Wolves, Knicks, Spurs, and Heat.

While San Antonio has been the hottest name so far, the other teams will no doubt join the race soon enough. And according to Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports, the race may have already started.

The Knicks and Cavs could be centered around a potential deal that would send Kyrie to New York and would include the Phoenix Suns. The deal would look like this:

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The Suns would send Eric Bledsoe, Tyson Chandler and possibly forward T.J. Warren while looking for a return of at least one future draft pick, along with point guard Frank Ntilikina, whom the Knicks selected with the eighth overall pick in the 2017 draft. Suns may also look to add the expiring contract of Cavaliers center and former Sun Channing Frye. Cleveland would probably get at least Carmelo Anthony and Eric Bledsoe in the proposed deal.

The Suns and Cavs apparently disscused a similar deal on draft night, before it evetually fell through.


Things are quickly spiraling into mayhem as NBA Gm's scramble to get in on the Kyrie sweepstakes. The Knicks, however, may have the best chance of them all. They can offer young talent, a proven veteran All-Star, and multiple first round picks. For New York fans, this is their dream come true.

As we wait and watch for these series of events to unfold, all of New York is no doubt holding their breath in anticipation.