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Report: Kyrie Irving Would Only Sign An Extension If Traded To One Western Conference Team


Every week, a new development comes into this Kyrie Irving trade story. At first, we knew very little about what was going on, and a lot of people struggled to even believe it. Now, a lot more details to the situation has been released.

One such detail was the willingness of Kyrie to commit to potential trade partners long term. At first, reports indicated that he was unwilling to sign any extension to the team he was traded to.

The most recent reports, though, claim that Kyrie is actually open to a long term commitment with one team: the San Antonio Spurs.

Via ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski:

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The Spurs have interest in Irving, league sources say, and Irving's willingness to commit to an extension with the Spurs makes for legitimate win-now deal possibilities for Cleveland. Without James beyond next season, though, the likes of LaMarcus Aldridge, Tony Parker and Danny Green hold no appeal.

Reports have been circulating for a while about the Spurs and Irving's mutual interest. With Kyrie reportedly open to committing long-term, however, the Spurs may be front-runners to land the star. The Spurs' reputation and consistency of greatness are no doubt a huge part of why Kyrie is so willing to stay there. Nonetheless, even with the promise of a long term commitment, the Spurs would have to first make an intriguing offer.

As reported earlier by Woj, the Cavs have no interest in Aldridge, Parker, or Green. To make something happen, the Spurs would likely have to include some young talent in the mix or include an additional team in the trade talks.

A Kyrie/Kawhi tandem would be deadly for the rest of the league. Not only would it give them a strong balance on both sides of the floor, but it'd allow for another star to take over if Kawhi is having a bad night. This could be the trade that gives the Spurs a real chance to compete with the Warriors.

But unless they can form an offer big enough to satisfy the Cavs, this deal will not become reality.