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Report: Kyrie Irving Is Keen To Play For This Western Conference Team


Trying to pinpoint where Kyrie Irving will start next season has been a very tough task as of late, and the flurry of rumors involving new destinations doesn't make that task any easier.

Multiple teams have been brought up time and time again, including cities such as New York, Miami, and even Phoenix, but in a sit-down interview with Alex Kennedy of the HoopsHype podcast, veteran reporter Peter Vecsey explained that there's another destination that Irving has also been keen on.

How ironic would it be if the Clippers lost Chris Paul to Houston and then acquired Kyrie only a month later to replace him?

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It's pretty obvious that Chris Paul is the superior 'point guard', but Irving is younger and a better scorer. Maybe bringing in Kyrie would be the makeover the Clippers need to right the metaphorical ship.

Of course, if Los Angeles has nothing of interest to offer the Cavs, the deal simply won't be done. As Kyrie doesn't possess a No Trade Clause in his contract, he has zero input into where Cleveland trade him.

Still, an Irving-Griffin-Jordan big 3 would be pretty fun to watch, and we'd even get to see Kyrie vs. Curry 4 times a year as they'd be playing in the same conference. That's something to salivate over.