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Report: Kristaps Porzingis Was Almost Traded After He Skipped Exit Meeting Last Season


Being a New York Knick is not the easiest life for an NBA pro-baller. Latvian big-man Kristaps Porzingis probably knows that better than anyone (well, other than those named Carmelo Anthony).

While they are having a relatively decent season this year, things got a whole lot worse before they got better. It all started on draft night, when KP received boos from Knicks fans all around the country. From the start, nobody gave him a real chance. Eventually, he'd shut everybody up, proving to be the star he knew he could be. Still, the whole "Carmelo vs Phil" situation took a toll on him and the team, as the drama in the locker room grew to an all-time high.

It finally reached its climax when, shockingly, Kristaps decided to skip his exit meeting in protest of the team's direction. Supposedly, then NYK President Phil Jackson, wanted to teach the young star a lesson by spreading some rumors about his possible departure from the team. Of course, there's probably a lot of truth to that, but there's also the very real truth behind reports that claim the Knicks actually almost let him go after all.

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Here's the story, by ESPN's Ian Begley:

"Jackson and the Knicks then discussed potential trades of Porzingis with several teams in the days and weeks leading up to the NBA draft. Those conversations were painted in some corners as Jackson teaching Porzingis a lesson after the skipped exit meeting, but multiple sources familiar with the matter say that there were members of the organization in favor of trading Porzingis at the time."

Fortunately for New Yorkers, KP's departure was something they never had to witness, as the team ultimately chose him over both Phil Jackson and their other star, Carmelo Anthony. Today, Porzingis is statistically one of the best players in the league and will undoubtedly be the unrivaled leader of this Knicks team going forward.

But imagine how different things could be now, had the guys upstairs decided to pull the trigger on one of the many offers they no doubt received.