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Report: Knicks Tried to Package Joakim Noah in Kristaps Porzingis Trade


When you put an up-and-coming star up on the trade block in the NBA, teams will offer a lot of assets in return for a young player with plenty of upside, such as the Knicks' Kristaps Porzingis.

Just look at the Brooklyn Nets for example. To nab D'Angelo Russell off the Lakers, the Nets also had to take on board Timofey Mozgov's ridiculous 4 year/$64 million contract.

With that said, most teams have a limit when it comes to trade negotiations, and it seems Joakim Noah's 4 year/$72 million deal is that limit.

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Knicks' President Phil Jackson has been publically blasted for putting their young star on the trade market, but maybe PJ has a bigger plan in his sights.

Maybe Jackson was trying to dump Noah's ridiculous contract, and to sweeten the deal, he threw in Porzingis as bait, and spun it so Porzingis was the main focus of the trade. It's quite smart when you think about it, even though the plan hasn't necessarily worked yet.

Noah has had a horror year in the Big Apple, posting averages of 5 points and 9 rebounds per contest, as well as racking up a 20-game suspension for testing postitive for PEDs.

Trade talks involving Kristaps have slowed down considerably, but there's still heaps of time for the Latvian big man to be dealt this offseason.