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Report: Kemba Waker On The Block


The Charlotte Hornets have never been known for their smart decision making, even though they have the G.O.A.T. sitting in the boss' chair.

For years, they struggled to maintain any semblance of competitiveness. For years, they struggles to find a way out of their seemingly never-ending rebuild. And today, it's as if they're right back where they started.

In an unexpected turn, sources indicate that Hornets point-guard Kemba Walker has officially been put on the trade-block, with the team apparently "encouraging" other GM's to make an offer for him. The news signals a bitter reality for the Hornets, one they finally decided they couldn't ignore: they stink. Rather than continue to bathe in the stink, the front-office has decided to blow the whole thing up.

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Additionally, though, it sounds like Kemba did not request the trade himself, and would be "devastated" if the team made a deal with his name included. And, interestingly enough, Charlotte has bene trying to trade other guys too, like Nic Batum and Dwight Howard.

Already, the Cavs and Spurs have been suggested as having a possible interest in the star PG. But with the trade deadline nearing, will the Hornets find a deal they like well enough to send off their best player?