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Report: Jordan Clarkson And Surprise Eastern Conference Team Have Mutual Interest


Past decades have told us that the Lakers have always been a hot destination in terms of signing free-agents and keeping their stars. After all, who the heck would want to leave the glory and glamour of Los Angeles while playing for a team so rich in history, success, and culture.

Lately, though, the Lake-show has hard a hard time recruiting anybody to play for their squad. Even their own guy appear to be ready to give up.

Jordan Clarkson, for better or worse, falls into that category. While the Laker ultimately "gave-up" on him first by putting hm on the block, nobody really saw him staying past his current contract anyways.

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So, obviously, him leaving the Lakers isn't very surprising here. Rather, it's who he might leave them for that could be taken as a bit shocking.

According to reports, that team is the Orlando Magic, who have a mutual interest with Clarkson on getting a potential deal done with Los Angeles. Considering the Magic are a little weak in the backcourt, the move could certainly help them find some stability on that front. And for Clarkson, a change of scenery could help him earn some more attention and credit, and being on the Magic would give him the opportunity to get the ball a little more frequently.

We'll have more as the situation develops, but after numerous reports circulating about the Lakers and possible trade deals, it sounds like they'll be very active before the deadline.