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Report: If They Get Swept, The Cavs Could Trade Kevin Love


Even the hardest critics of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are willing to admit that they have a pretty solid team. It doesn't get much better than future Hall-of-Famer LeBron James, multiple time All-Star Kyrie Irving, star-studded big man Kevin Love and a bench filled with shooting veterans.

But according to ESPN's Chis Haynes, this "dream team" could be on the verge of breaking up. Speaking up on the Dan Patrick Show, he admitted that he believes Kevin Love will be traded if they get swept by the Warriors in this years NBA Finals.

That's right, the possibility of a blockbuster Kevin Love trade deal just became a reality. While it's not hard to see why the Cavaliers front office would like to see a change if a sweep happens, it seems odd to mix things up so severely after 3 straight Finals appearances. But for LeBron James, Finals appearances don't matter unless he wins them. And to win they will most likely have to compete with the Warriors, who are just too much right now. A blockbuster trade for another star may be the team's best shot at redemption.

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As far as potential trade parters go, the Knicks, Celtics, and even the Clippers are all in the mix. No matter which way they go, the asking price for K-Love will no doubt be high. A Carmelo Anthony or Blake Griffin would surely make a big difference for a team close to elimination.

Kevin Love has been a solid spark for the Cavaliers since his arrival. He's brought rebounding, shooting and amazing full court passes to a highly successful team. But he's almost surely already reached his peak. There's no room for him to grow. The Cavs already know how high their ceiling is with Love, and they may want to try and extend that ceiling for another player.

The Warriors seem so much more dominant right now, but with the right move at the right time the Cavaliers have a chance to move into their level. Should Cleveland consider trading Kevin Love, or is it just too big of a risk to take?