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Report: Huge San Antonio Star Is On The Trading Block


All year long, the Spurs were considered one of the top teams in the NBA. Had it not been for Kawhi Leonard’s injury in the Western Conference Finals, the Spurs could have posed a serious threat to the now reigning NBA Champions. With LaMarcus Aldridge being a center piece for the franchise (after Kawhi Leonard), expectations have been high for the star Power Forward.


But for these Playoffs, and the entire season, he just hasn’t seemed to truly meet those expectations. His 17 points per game may seem okay on paper, but for a guy who’s previously averaged 20+ points for five straight seasons, it becomes clear that his production is slipping.

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According to a report by John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports 98.7, the Spurs have actually already made an offer centered around their underachieving star. The Spurs reportedly offered Aldridge in a failed effort to acquire a top 5 pick in the draft. The exact details of who the Spurs called and what those potential traders offered in return is not yet known, but it’s safe to assume that the Phoenix Suns were one of the ones on the list.

The Suns could offer the 5th pick, Tyson Chandler, and TJ Warren in exchange. It looks like an unfair trade on the surface, but by unloading Aldridge’s contract the Spurs would open up much more space to sign a max free agent in July.

The Suns' proposed deal would make a lot of sense. But there's more than likely been calls to the Celtics, Lakers, and Kings as well. It looks like the Spurs are being pretty serious about their options for LaMarcus.

As the Warriors celebrate their Championship, and the Cavs work tirelessly to work out their front-office replacement, the Spurs could be ready to make a move and challenge them both.Those "quiet" Spurs that everyone's so used to? Well, looks like they are finally starting to make some noise.