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Report: Clippers Willing To Trade Massive Pieces For Kyrie Irving

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Every NBA GM and his dog have probably offered the Cleveland Cavaliers something for disgruntled point guard Kyrie Irving, who has had enough playing behind LeBron James and is looking for a change of scenery where he can be the number one option on offense.

But after trading away franchise point guard Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets, the Los Angeles Clippers may be looking to replace CP3 with Irving, according to reports.

As you can see, the Clips would be willing to part ways with their All-Star big man DeAndre Jordan just to get Kyrie.

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Let's not forget, the Clippers had a chance to grab Kyrie back in the 2011 draft with the #1 pick, but traded that pick to the Cavs in a deal to get rid of Baron Davis, ironic right?

In further reports, however, it was revealed that the Cavaliers are looking for three things when they eventually trade Irving - young players on rookie contracts, win-now veterans, and draft picks, things the Clippers have virtually none of.

To add another hurdle in a potential LA move for Kyrie, newly-acquired PG Patrick Beverley cannot be traded until August 27th due to the fact he was involved in the trade that sent CP3 to Houston, so if the Cavs want to get a deal done before training camps begin, that rules out any players acquired from Houston in the aforementioned trade.

That doesn't leave a lot of assets for the Clippers to play with. DeAndre Jordan would be a must in any potential deal, as well as their 2020 first round pick. Other players that could be offered include point guard Austin Rivers, Wesley Johnson, and Brice Johnson.

If Cleveland and Los Angeles can somehow work out a deal, both teams would definitely benefit. A pairing of Kyrie and Blake Griffin on the Clips would be like Lob City 2.0, and DeAndre forming another big 3 with LeBron and Kevin Love would spell disaster for opposing team's offenses.