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Report: Cavs Are Looking For A Big Man, And One May Be Available


With their season quickly losing ground, the Cavaliers know they have to do something. And, according to reports, they intend to.

No specific Cavalier names have been linked to trade rumors, but as far as what the team is looking for in return? We know a little thing or two about that. According to Adrian Wojnarwoski, Cleveland is looking to add some size... and Utah's Derrick Favors could be the answer they're looking for. Here's more on the potential deal:

"Favors value in Cleveland would depend on the moving pieces, but it's tough to see him improving his stock with the Cavs. He's also been linked to the Bulls, but his value would likely take a hit there if they didn't also move Robin Lopez."

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Derrick Favors would, admittedly, add a lot of toughness to the front-lines, a component the team desperately needs right now. Still, it's hard to think that Favors alone would be enough for the Cavs to turn this thing around, especially considering who they might have to give up to get him.

And with a large sum of the details still unknown, there's no telling who (or what) else the trade may involve. Regardless, it's becoming increasingly clear that the reigning Eastern Conference champs have a lot of work to do if they want to remain top dogs in the NBA.