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Report: Cavaliers In No Rush To Trade Away Kyrie Irving


It seems Kyrie Irving's trade request may not go the way Uncle Drew hoped for after all.

While Kyrie has made it know to Cleveland's front office he does want to be traded, it's the Cavs who have the final say, as Irving is still under contract. Up until now, it's fair to say Cleveland have been less than impressed with some of the trade proposals they've recieved for the All-Star guard, and may now be content with waiting things out until the season begins.

Even though the Cavs don't necessarily need to trade Irving, at this point, they may be better off shipping him elsewhere.

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Kyrie has pretty much ruined the relationship between himself and LeBron, and that would spell disaster for the locker room chemistry if he was to stay with the team heading into the 2017-18 NBA season. The team evene went out and signed Derrick Rose to replace Irving once he is traded.

Not to mention the fact Irving has been ignoring calls from the Cavaliers, as it was reported no one could contact him.

The damage has already been done by Kyrie, and bridges have definitely been burned. If Cleveland is smart, they'd be better off getting rid of Uncle Drew quickly before team morale and chemistry is hurt even more.