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Report: Carmelo Gives The Knicks An Expanded Trade Destination List


All year, the Knicks have been pushing Carmelo Anthony out of the door. Former team President Phil Jackson was practically begging Anthony to kick rocks.

Once Melo agreed to be dealt, the Knicks got cold feet and were reluctant to make a move.

Now, with the situation growing more embarrassing by the day, the Knicks are asking Carmelo to be professional. Funny, the Knicks are asking Carmelo to be professional.

Nevertheless, this could all be over soon if the reports are true. Anthony reportedly wants out before Monday's "media day," which would mean he could get dealt at any time. Originally, Houston was the star's only desirable destination.

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But with recent events unfolding, that plan has changed. According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Melo has increased his list of acceptable trade destinations.ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski

One of those teams is Cleveland, who finds themselves back in the hunt after being ruled out after the Irving trade.

The other teams appear to be Houston and OKC, as those are only organizations being mentioned right now.

Either way, the fact that Carmelo is re-interested in joining the Cavs shows just desperate the situation has come.

Cleveland isn't necessarily the best choice for Melo, even with LeBron and Love running the show. The Rockets, or even the Blazers, may provide him with a better opportunity.

The season is approaching quickly, and things will begin to heat up as October kicks in. Could Carmelo be the one to usher in a new season of NBA basketball?