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Report: Boston Will Send A Trade Package For Anthony Davis

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Once the Boston Celtics traded their #1 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft for more drafts picks, most of us guessed that it wouldn't be the end for them.

Turns out, we were right. Recently, Boston has been involved in a number of trade rumors. Numerous reports seem to suggest that the Celtics are gathering more picks to make a run at a superstar. Jimmy Butler and Paul George have been just some of the names tossed around. But one unlikely candidate has also surfaced in potential Celtics' trade talks, (according to The Vertical's Chris Mannix): Anthony Davis.

It's not yet known how far these talks have progressed, or what exactly Boston is offering in exchange. But if the rumors are true, the Eastern Conference balance of power could be dramatically changed.

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Having already made the Conference Finals, Anthony Davis could be the missing piece they need to finally compete with the Cavaliers. AD with the addition of a guy like Gordon Hayward as a Free Agent could certainly put an end to the King's reign.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed in the NBA. But the biggest question mark regarding this trade does from the Pelicans. Why would they even entertain the thought of trading away Davis, if they just acquired DeMarcus Cousins to pair with him? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to trade away Davis without any time to see if the AD - DC combo works.


Nevertheless, if the Celtics offer a Kings ransom for AD, it could be hard for them to say no. With time ticking away, every team is going to look for opportunities to make a splash.

The Celtics, though, may just make the biggest splash yet.