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Report: Another Team Has Entered The Race To Trade For Avery Bradley


Ever since Avery Bradley was involved in the trade that sent All-Star forward Blake Griffin to Detroit, the defensive-minded shooting guard has been on the tip of of many of the league's GM's tongues, as Bradley has been brought up in various trade talks around the league.

Earlier this week, we reported on the rumor that the Golden State Warriors were trying to pursue a trade with the Clippers to nab Avery from them and add him to their already stacked bench.

However, another Western Conference contender has entered the fray to try and trade for the former Boston Celtic starter.

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It's unusual to hear the San Antonio Spurs being linked to trade targets in the middle of the season, and the Spurs are never major players when it comes to mid-season trades, preferring to sign players during the offseason.

But it's hard to imagine that the addition of Avery Bradley to Gregg Popovich's squad would do nothing but improve the team, as Bradley is almost a perfect example of what coach Pop looks for in a player.

Bradley doesn't have an ego, loves playing defense, and isn't one to give up during a game, and his averages of 14.9 points and 2.3 rebounds a game, along with 1.1 steals per contest this season would fit right in behind Danny Green and Many Ginobili, even if they give Bradley the odd start or two.

Could you imagine if the Spurs snag Bradley and get Leonard back soon? Opposing wings would be having nightmares on the plane to San Antonio.