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Report: A Third Team May Have Entered The Fray To Help The Cavs Get George Hill


The Cleveland Cavaliers are in a hole right now, and need to make some sort of move before the trade deadline to get their team out of this rut.

The Cavs have lost 7 of their last 10 games, which is concerning considering many expected this to be about the time where new point guard Isaiah Thomas would be beginning to mesh with the rest of the Cavaliers roster.

Cleveland has been eyeing off some potential trade targets to boost their roster before it's too late and inject some energy into a squad that has been to the Finals for the past three seasons, and that may come in the form of Sacramento Kings' point guard George Hill, who has become disgruntled with his current team.

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Talks have seemed to reach a stalemate as of this week, but a third team has emerged as the saviour to Cleveland's wishes.

Obviously, the Dallas Mavericks aren't doing this out of the goodness of their own heart, as their front office probably realizes that George Hill to Cleveland is bound to happen, and want a piece of Sacramento Kings' assets, as they're in desperate need of draft picks to pair with young point guard Dennis Smith Jr.

With the Mavs now inserted into the equation, Cleveland may have to give up less in terms of assets to land Hill, but even if they had to give up nothing to nab him, it's highly unlikely that the acquisition of the point guard would do much to boost the Cavs' chances against Golden State.

If the move is paired with a potential DeAndre Jordan trade to Cleveland however, things could become very interesting in June.