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NBA Trade Rumors: Two Teams Showing Interest In Marc Gasol


After starting off hot, the Memphis Grizzlies have slowed to a screeching haunt. At 7-12, and with their optimism slowly dwindling, it’s becoming abundantly clear to the fans that this team is not one that’s poised for success in the future.

That’s apparently become evident to the front office as well, as one of their biggest center piece, Marc Gasol, has reportedly been made available on trade talks.

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Two teams have already shown interest, the Raptors and Cavs.

Obvously the Cavaliers are an obvious choice here, as they’re been looking for help on the frontline for years. The question for them is whether they’ll have enough trade pieces to offer in return.

As for the Raptors, nobody really knows what’s going on with them right now. As usual, they sit in the middle of the pack, not good enough or bad enough to warrant significant attention. But Marc Gasol could help them in major ways, clearly being better than Jonas Valanciunas. In fact, they could offer Jonas in return, along with a young wing and a draft pick to go with it.

Regardless of which teams have the leg up on any Marc Gasol deal right now, it’s pretty interesting that the Grizzlies seem willing to give him up, after all he’s been though with the squad. Maybe they’re finally ready to start their rebuild in earnest... or maybe it’s just another bad trade. We’ll see how it all plays out in the end.