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NBA Trade Rumors: Top 5 Hottest Destinations For Kyrie Irving

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Fadeaway World

The Cavs are in some deep trouble!

The Cavs are way over their cap space and have not hired a GM. The Warriors greatly improved by picking up Omri Caspi and Nick Young while the Cavs other than rumors and failed attempts have not made a trade to improve. The only acquisition this off season has been re-signing Kyle Korver, but their problems just got worse. Reports are out; after a meeting with Dan Gilbert Kyrie "the flat earth theorist" has demanded to be traded and expressed that he "no longer wants to play alongside LeBron", Talk about a bombshell!

This could become a blessing in disguise for the Cavs because of the many options that open up only if they play their cards right. The Cavs could be looking into a complete rebuild by not only trading Kyrie but also Kevin Love and maybe even LeBron. What team wouldn't want any of these 3 players and the potential return the Cavs could receive. Every single team would be calling with the best options to acquire these franchise players especially the best player in the world, but for now we'll focus on where Kyrie would fit best.

New York Knicks

This is it! This is their opportunity to get back on the map, put a smile on Kristap and granting his wish of being the corner stone to an organization with the brightest lights possible. We all know if Kyrie is being moved to New York Melo is the intended return target.

It would work for both sides as the banana boat duo would essential pair up to take the East, giving Melo a shot at the title while the Knicks receive the player to completely revitalize this dead organization. Kristaps would definitely be happy and gladly make an appearance for a press conference this time around.

New Orleans Pelicans

They just acquired Rajon Rondo and have a Secondary in Jrue Holiday, but the target for trade is Boogie. He has not begun the process to discuss an extension and since the Pelicans missed out reaching the Playoffs I consider that a Fail trade for now. This proposed trade scenario works both ways, Pelicans acquire a young and effective PG teamed up with the Leagues best Center while the Cavs receive the Leagues 3rd best Center who can spread the floor while giving them double digit rebounds and paint presence.

The Cavs can also ship out Tristan or Iman for Jrue essentially freeing up a little bit of space to potentially re-sign Boogie to long term deal.

Minnesota Timberwolves

The up and coming best inside / out duo since Kobe and Shaq; Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns with the newly acquired Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson and Jeff Teague.

Now you add Kyrie Irving to this lineup and you have possibly the most exciting team to watch next season. It won't happen though, not without at least giving up Teague, Taj and possibly the newly drafted Justin Patton and it would also be a multi - team trade that could possibly land Melo in Cleveland.

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Miami Heat

Miami! The beach and the market, Kyrie wants the attention why not be the catalyst to an organization with a successful past needing a leader to take them back there. The Heat at one point were on top of the Basketball world and have fizzled out since, but with a player with tremendous experience, excitement and talent with a young solid roster that includes Waiters, Winslow and Whiteside there's no doubt they become a top contender in the East.

The problem becomes how much of that talent would they have to give up in return. Will definitely include Goran Dragic for his tenacity and Wayne Ellington to bolster the bench for the Cavs in return for Kyrie and Frye to balance the salaries.

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San Antonio Spurs

Kyrie Irving has already told the Cavs front office that he wants to play for the San Antonio Spurs. Last night, Nico Martinez wrote about a possible scenario:

He has a specific team in mind, which has just been revealed to the public via ESPN NBA reporters Brian Windhorst and Chris Haynes. San Antonio. That’s one of the teams Kyrie wishes to play for, and there’s a good chance they get him. An offer of Murray, Green, and Aldridge for Kyrie and an additional player.

It will be a sight to see Kyrie Irving join up with Kawhi Leonard and Gregg Popovich, but the Spurs have their own system and that could be a problem for Kyrie Irving, as he wants to become a leader, but that will be a very tough ask alongside Kawhi Leonard.

After he won an NBA Championship, maybe he wanted to become the face of the franchise, and as we all know, the San Antonio Spurs are more about the team than about the individual.