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NBA Trade Rumors: Top 3 Trade Destinations for Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose Trade Rumors

If the team continues their mediocre play throughout the season, questions will continue to surface over their super-stars willingness to stay. So far, the super team experiment has provided an average win-loss record and Derrick Rose’s willingness to play for the team appears to be dwindling.

Through 49 games this year, Derrick is averaging 17.9 points and 4.4 assists, near a career low in assists and nowhere near the scoring output the former MVP has shown in previous campaigns.

Derrick Rose time as a New York Knick coming to a close, so let's check three possible destinations at this moment.

Chicago Bulls

If he were unwilling to continue to play for the Knicks and demand a trade, there are many teams in desperate need of a solid starting point guard. One of the more interesting possibilities ends in a Chicago reunion. The Bulls dislike their current situation, and constant rumors emerge over Rajon Rondo’s disgust with the coaching staff. If Chicago could swing a pick or good contract out there, the Knicks might be willing to get rid of their recently signed guard. A reunion would provide comfort and set up a dangerous guard combo with Dwayne Wade.

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Or what if the Knicks accept a simple trade: Rajon Rondo for Derrick Rose? New York need a better defensive player and a point guard who knows how to share the ball between Carmelo and Porzingis, while Bulls need a better offensive player and someone with fire in the eyes, like Butler and Wade. Rose knows how to fit in the Bulls system, and he will help Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade more than Rajon Rondo.

Also, chemistry is an issue with Rajon, but Rose doesn't have that kind of problem.

Denver Nuggets

Another interesting move exists in the possibility that the Denver Nuggets might depart from a few of their prospects. Will Barton has constantly been rumored in trades, and Kenneth Faried development has stunted in his current situation. Either of those pieces could be tempting if Rose continues his absences. Rose could take over the Nuggets team immediately as the Alpha, essentially running the office moves while providing time to regain MVP form.

This trade is somehow unreal, because Rose is a free agent next season, and Denver will not take a risk with him. They are trying to develop roster around Nikola Jokic and Emmanuel Mudiay, so the presence of Rose is unnecessary there.

Dallas Mavericks

Mark Cuban can never be counted out either. Dirk Nowitzki’s career is coming to a close, and they want their franchise player to end it on a good note with a playoff birth. Adding Derrick Rose alone won’t change the Mavs fortunes, but Rose and another piece could push them into the playoffs and send the big German off right. Rose would be in the perfect place to take over for Nowitzki, placing himself firmly within a winning franchise and among an owner that cares about the players.

That will be the last shot for Dirk Nowitzki, and Rose could help them a little bit. They are only 4 wins behind Portland Trail Blazers, and if someone needs to take a risk, that is Mark Cuban.


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