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NBA Trade Rumors: Top 3 Best Destinations for Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio NBA Trade Rumors

Ricky Rubio knew his time in Minnesota was coming to an end when the Wolves drafted Kris Dunn with the 6th pick in last years NBA draft. Dunn is the future for the team at the point guard position, a lengthy, athletic freak to run with the monsters they already have in place. Last week, Woj of The Vertical announced the Timberwolves were actively shopping the Spaniard in order to find a guard that can play a big role now but will move to the bench as Dunn develops.

The team is reportedly packaging Shabazz Muhammad to get a deal done quickly. Rubio was once seen as the face of a new, post Kevin Garnett era in Minnesota, but he was never able to produce franchise numbers.

After Detroit Pistons' Stan Van Gundy denies report of Jackson-Rubio trade talk, we have 3 best destinations for Ricky Rubio.

Here are a few possible trade ideas that could go down in the near future:

New Orleans Pelicans

MinnesotaTimberwolves get - Jrue Holiday, Dante Cunningham, 2018 2nd round pick

New Orleans Pelicans get - Ricky Rubio, Shabazz Muhammad

Why Minnesota does it: Jrue Holiday is the perfect filler for Rubio. He is on an expiring contract and rumors of a trade possibility have popped up of recent. The pelican’s guard could take over the starting point role and immediately put up big numbers. Kris Dunn would have a solid mentor to learn a style of basketball Rubio could not teach. If Jrue leaves at years end, the Wolves would free up a contract and still gain a respectable wing bench player, while adding future assets.

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Why New Orleans does it: Anthony Davis needs more help. Ricky Rubio is the kind of pass-first point guard that could run a pick-and-roll to perfection, freeing up easy lobs and jumpers for The Brow. Shabazz has shown signs throughout his career as a capable scorer, and could find nice minutes as the 6th man behind Buddy Hield. If the Pelicans already think they will lose Holiday, they need to try and get some sort of return.

Sacramento Kings

Minnesota Timberwolves get - Rudy Gay, Darren Collison

Sacramento Kings get - Ricky Rubio, Shabazz Muhammad

Why Minnesota does it: They immediately get a player to score at the point position, but not one who will demand a starting role. Even though he doesn’t put up crazy numbers, Collison is good for at least 10 and 5 a night, enough to help an already loaded offense during the guard transition period. If Rudy Gay can come back healthy, he might be intrigued enough by the talented young roster and revered head coach to resign. Worst-case scenario, if Gay chooses to leave, they come out with Darren Collison, future cap space, and more time for Dunn to grow.

Why Sacramento does it: Times in Sac-town are always tumultuous, and this season is no different. The Kings would immediately pick up top-tier young talent, Rubio at only 26 and Muhammad 24. They could potentially build around a Rubio, Cousins pairings that would do absolute offensive work. The Spaniard would provide stability at the point guard position, a word never used in the same sentence as Sacramento Kings.

San Antonio Spurs

Minnesota gets - Danny Green, David Lee

San Antonio Spurs get - Ricky Rubio, Adreian Payne

Why Minnesota does it: Both Danny Green and David Lee would come in and provide important minutes on the court, and even more important wisdom and game preparation off of it. Minnesota needs vets that have been there, but can still play. Danny Green is still one of the best knockdown shooters in the game and could provide quality starting guard play, as he was used by Pop as a point guard for the Spurs at times. David Lee has the basketball knowledge to help improve the low post games of KAT and Dieng; areas both could use some additional expertise.

Why San Antonio does it: Coach Popovich has never had an elite passer from the one position like Rubio. He would immediately have strong roots with their history of foreign-born player development and connection with fellow Spanish teammate Pau Gasol. The Spurs have enough offensive talent in Leonard and Aldridge, but their lives could be made easier if they got the ball in scoring positions from Rubio’s playmaking ability.


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