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NBA Trade Rumors: The Latest On Carmelo


In case you've been living under a rock for the past few years, the Knicks have not been the best team in the league.

Even before the days of Phil Jackson, they never quite knew what they were doing. At first, their struggles seemed manageable, especially because of the organization's high market value. But as time went on, the Knicks problems only mounted.

For quite a while now, the front office has been in chaos, the roster is virtually talent-less, and the Knicks have little hope for the future. The franchise is and has been stuck in dysfunction for years.

And for NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony, this has been the brutal reality since his first day in a Knick uniform. No Finals appearances, no MVP's, just chaos and disorder from an organization drowning in mediocrity. So when trade rumors surfaced of possible trades centered on the New York star, nobody took it as a surprise.

So when trade rumors surfaced this year of potential trades centered on the New York star, nobody took it as a surprise.

As things heated up, a few teams were named front-runners in the Melo sweepstakes, and many other teams were eliminated from contention. Of course, many folks took sides on what he should do, and many had different thoughts on where he'd end up.

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But did anybody think, that at this point, that Carmelo would still be in New York?

After months and months of blaring trade rumors and constant mishaps by the Knicks, we are now faced with a deafening silence. Here we are in September, with Paul George, Chris Paul, and Kyrie Irving being traded to new teams, while Anthony watches from his suite in New York.

The few reports that do trickle in every now and then, however, claim that the Knicks are still nowhere close to closing a deal.

Last we heard Carmelo had his eyes set on Houston, where he could team up with Chris Paul and James Harden. And it's been reported that the two teams have talked on multiple occasions throughout the summer. But, as the Knicks have stated, the Rockets just don't have an offer that appeals to them.

And in an effort to make the deal work, both sides are looking for a third team. The Milwaukee Bucks have emerged as that team, and Jabari Parker could be included in a potential three-team deal. These trade talks are still very young though, and it's unclear how far they will go.

At this point, it's becoming entirely possible that he doesn't get traded at all, at least not until the start of training camp in a few weeks. As awkward as that would be for everyone, it seems like the most likely outcome right now.

Of course, Anthony will probably not finish his career in New York. But for right now, the Knicks aren't getting any closer to finding him a new home. Looks like he'll have to bear the pain of being a Knick for a little while longer.