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NBA Trade Rumors: The Huge 5 Team Mega Deal That Almost Happened


We're only a few weeks into the NBA offseason, but two blockbuster trades have already headlined the market. D'Angelo Russell and Dwight Howard were both dealt the same day, and are still the biggest stories of the offseason right now. But what if I told you that one proposed trade would have shattered the headlines more than any other major trades in recent history?

This trade isn't some completely mystical, unrealistic phenomenon. According to NBA rumors, this was close to happening.

So, what exactly was the deal? While a lot of the information, the proposed trade involved 5 teams, the Cavaliers, Pacers, Knicks, Phoenix and Denver. The deal would send both PG13 and Carmelo Anthony to the Cavs. No doubt the Cavaliers would have had to give up some quality role players, but for Paul George and Carmelo, it would have surely been worth it.

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The trade reportedly was close to coming to a deal, but nobody wanted Kevin Love. For some reason, no team was willing to give up enough for Cleveland's All-Star Forward.

Had that trade happened, the Cavaliers could be the newest NBA super team. Kyrie, LeBron, Carmelo and PG would undoubtedly instill fear into the Warriors' hearts, and K-Love could be the newest member of the New York Knicks.

One NBA Executive shed a little more light on the situation:

“We were very far along in one,” trade discussion, said Tim Connelly, the Nuggets’ director of basketball operations. “We thought it was done. At the 11th hour, one of the teams involved had a change of heart. While we had countless conversations, there was one in particular we thought was going to take place. It’s never a deal until you have a handshake and a deal and it never got to that point.”

That 5 team mega deal would have been one for the history books. Had it not fizzled out, would the Cavs be the new favorites?